Special educational needs - our responsibilities

Expectations and responsibilities

The Children’s and Families Act (2014) and the accompanying SEN Code of Practice (2014) lays out statutory responsibilities for agencies in regard to children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

CCNs should ensure they have an understanding of the definition of SEND.

  • CCNs should be aware of who on their caseload have SEN needs
  • CCNs should have access and be aware of EHCPs for said children. These should be stored on the internal record system, (Epro)
  • When requested the CCN should provide written reports for assessments and on-going reviews. This should be done in a timely fashion and in line with local authority statutory time frames
  • Any requests from the local authority for a report in relation to an EHCP assessment must be responded to within six weeks as per statutory guidelines
  • CCNs should attempt to either attend annual EHCP reviews or submit reports when requested
  • CCNs should work with educational establishments to achieve the targets and responsibilities outlined in any EHCP or other plan
  • Where a CCN feels that a patient may have special education needs or the potential for such needs in the future they should ensure that this is highlighted. This may be via MAISEY system, SENCO, Early Years SENCO, or using the Early Help Assessment form. It is important that they firstly engage with families in a discussion as to the meaning of special education needs. This should be done alongside a paediatrician and other relevant professionals
  • CCNs should be aware of the Local Offer and signpost it to families.