Children's Day Surgery

We are a children’s surgical day ward caring for Children aged 6 months to 18 years.  Our patients and families are with us for the day and we cover specialties such as ENT, Orthopaedics, Urology, General Surgery, Oral surgery and Dental. All children must have an adult with them throughout their stay.

Our service covers a wide range of operations such as: Tonsillectomies, Hernias, Circumcisions, oral surgery, removal of teeth, Grommets, Nasal cautery, orchidopexy and toenails.

Toast and snacks such as jelly and Yogurts will be offered following operations. Parents are welcome to bring in food for their child to eat after surgery.  There are no catering facilities in children’s day surgery however there are some facilities in the main hospital such as Costa and M&S.

Our visiting times are flexible. Please contact our reception team if you are unsure on whether you are able to visit.

Where possible we ask that patients only have two adults with them during their stay.

Parents and families can only access Children’s Day surgery once checking in with our reception team. Doors are locked to maintain patient safety.