Continence service

If you have any problem with your bladder and/or bowel, don’t be embarrassed about getting medical help.  The symptoms can be improved and sometimes cured, often with simple methods, or if not we can refer you to the most appropriate specialist.

To help you we can:

  • Carry out a detailed assessment
  • Offer you treatment and management options based on your individual needs
  • Offer you a personalised care plan including ways to care for yourself wherever possible
  • Offer you a range of patient information including pelvic floor exercises and bladder training.

We also provide education and training to individuals, carers, external agencies.

We work in clinics across Somerset and our service is run by a service manager, continence nurse specialists and continence nurses.

How to refer

We are happy to accept self-referrals as well as referrals from all other professionals, carers and family members.  If you wish to self-refer please contact us on 01823 346158.