Fielding ward

Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

On Fielding ward, we treat patients who have been admitted with severe heart problems. We look after you here when you are waiting for bypass or valve surgery at the Bristol Heart Institute or if you need an operation in Musgrove Park for a new pacemaker or you require an angiogram (type of x-ray). Our ward has nurses who specialise in cardiac rehabilitation to get you back to as full a life as possible after a heart attack or operation. We also care for you if you are reaching the end of your life and have dedicated rooms where your loved ones can stay.

Visiting Times: Visitors are welcome between 10am to 9pm – seven days a week. If you have relatives who wish to visit or stay outside of normal visiting times please discuss this with the nursing team.

Number of visitors to a bed: For the safety and comfort of all our patients we restrict visitors to 2 at a time, but do ask the nursing team if more visitors need to come in.

Sister in charge:  Abigail Bennett

Matron: Kerry Trunks