Grace Centre

The GRACE Centre is a stand-alone department dedicated to the investigation and care of people with symptoms concerning for a gynaecological cancer.  Fortunately, most people who come to see us will not be found to have anything seriously wrong and will be reassured by tests, but we know that this is a worrying process for everyone, regardless of the outcome. The whole team is here to help you through your time with us. Please let us know if there is anything you need any help for your appointment (e.g. interpreter, specialist access arrangements/hoist, help getting from your transport to the department).

Before coming to see us, you may have a telephone appointment with a nurse so that we can arrange further investigations for you prior to your appointment (for example, blood tests and scans).  This is to help speed up your diagnosis and reduce the number of times you need to travel to see us in person, but also gives you an opportunity to ask questions about your appointment.