The "Golden Hour"

The “Golden Hour” is the first hour right after your baby is born. This time is a special time for you and your baby to get to know each other. As soon as your baby is born, if all is okay, your bare baby will be put on your bare tummy or chest. This is skin-to-skin contact and it’s good because it:

  • Helps both you and the baby relax,
  • Helps release good hormones
  • Helps keep your baby warm
  • Helps your baby’s heart beat well
  • Helps with breastfeeding and milk production

Sometimes, you might need to be apart from your baby for a bit for medical reasons. If that happens, consultant/doctors will try to get you back together as quick as they can.

After a bit of time laying on you, your baby might show signs they are hungry and want to eat. Every baby is different, but some signs are when they move around more, stick out their tongue, or bob their head.

You should try to let your baby lay on you for at least one full hour. This helps the baby get interested in eating. If you have trouble with feeding, don’t worry. Your nurse or midwife can help you.

Video - UNICEF First Feeds