How We Can Help

We work with children, young people, and their families to help them understand how the physical, psychological, and social aspects of our lives may interact and impact on our health.

We will spend time listening and talking with a person to help build an understanding of any difficulties being experienced. We may also work with a parent/carer instead of the young person. We will then use this understanding to help someone make any positive changes they want to make; this usually involves agreeing on the things that would make a positive difference to that persons well-being and quality of life.

Some of the things we often help with include:

  • Adjustment to a diagnosis, treatment and impact of a chronic illness, and support to cope with the daily demands of this.
  • Parenting advice and support in context of the health condition.
  • Support to explore and cope with difficult thoughts and feelings, which have appeared because of the health condition. This can include depression, anxiety, anger, panic reactions and phobias.
  • Support to manage the impact of traumatic experiences.
  • Help to manage any difficulties in relationships or communication that have arisen because of the health condition.
  • Support for parents and young people about how best to talk to each other and other people about the health condition.
  • Help to manage stress-related difficulties.
  • Help to make difficult decisions related to the health conditions and in coping with significant life changes.
  • Help to think about ways to best manage the future.