Our Queensway treatment and rehabilitation unit, also known as the Day Centre, cares for people of all ages through outpatient appointments. Colleagues from a range of specialities are brought together with the aim of, as far as possible, bringing your care together with one visit rather than several. This also includes blood and drug infusions which are available to younger people as well.

We provide this care through morning or afternoon sessions, or you can come for a full day depending on your treatment. We carry out infusions, comprehensive tests and treatments.

If you have a chronic (long term) disease, for example Parkinson’s Disease or you’ve had a stroke, the Day Unit can work closely with your GP to regularly monitor and review your condition to help avoid needing to visit hospital.

The Day Unit has specialist clinics in:

  • Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)
  • General medicine clinics
  • Renal

Our unit aims to link different care practices together (primary and secondary care) so your care is easier to navigate.