Flu vaccination programme

If your child has missed their flu vaccination please call us on 0300 323 0032 or email somersetsaint@somersetft.nhs.uk to book an appointment at one of our community sessions being held across the county throughout this term and the school holidays.

We deliver the nasal flu vaccination programme to all schools in Somerset in the winter months. We also hold community based clinics to make sure we vaccinate as many children as possible.

Flu – what is it?

Flu can be a very unpleasant illness in children, with serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Annual immunisation give important protection to your child and helps reduce the spread of flu to their friends, families and the wider community, protecting younger siblings, grandparents and others who are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill from flu.

The flu vaccine currently used in schools is called Fluenz Tetra and is given by a quick and simple spray up the nose, it is painless and there are no needles involved.

Fluenz Tetra may not be suitable for all children who are eligible for the flu vaccine. For children who can’t have Fluenz Tetra they will be invited to have an injectable inactivated influenza vaccine at their GP Practice.

Who should not have this vaccine?

Fluenz Tetra should not be given to your child or adolescent if they:

  • are under 24 months or 18 years or older have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of flu vaccine or any component of the vaccine
  • are clinically severely immunodeficient due to conditions or immunosuppressive (a suppressed or deficient immune system which leaves a patient prone to infection)
  • are currently taking or has been prescribed oral steroids in the last 14 days for respiratory disease
  • are receiving salicylate therapy (aspirin)
  • are pregnant.

How does my child get this vaccination?

Offering vaccination through schools is the most effective way to vaccinate school-aged children. If you miss your child’s flu vaccination at school then please call us on 0300 323 0032 to book into one of our community clinics. These clinics run throughout flu season in a number of locations cross Somerset.

On the day

Our teams will visit your child’s school and school staff will help us to identify children correctly. If your child is absent or unwell on the day of the session please call us on 0300 323 0032 and we can offer you an appointment at one of our community catch up clinics.

Please follow our link below,  we hope this will help to demonstrate how school based flu sessions will run this term during these uncertain times.


Worried or concerned?

If you have any concerns about this vaccination, or you are worried because your child has a health condition or disability, please call us with your questions on 0300 323 0032 and we can arrange for you to speak to one of your local friendly immunisation nurses.

Viral shedding

Although vaccinated children are known to “shed” a virus a few days after vaccination, it is less able to spread from person to person than the actual infection.

Flu vaccine info for Muslim and Jewish communities

If you are a member of the Muslim or Jewish religious communities you may be concerned about using vaccines that contain gelatine from pigs (porcine gelatine).

Rabbi Abraham Adler from the Kashrus and Medicines Information Service offers some advice that might be helpful to our Jewish communities:

“It should be noted that according to Jewish laws, there is no problem with porcine or other animal derived ingredients in non-oral products. This includes vaccines, including those administered via the nose, injections, suppositories, creams and ointments”.

If you are a member of the Muslim community you may consider the porcine product to be forbidden. The final decision about your children’s vaccination is yours. If you would like to discuss the evidence about the advantages and disadvantages of the vaccination we are happy to discuss this further. You may wish to seek advice from your faith leaders or other community leaders.

Unfortunately, current Government health policy is that only those who are in clinical risk groups and have clinical contra-indications to the vaccine are able to receive an inactivated injectable vaccine as an alternative.

For more information about the flu vaccination for children:




Flu Schedule 2021/2022

Date School


Taunton school rec-yr 6
29/11/2021 Queens – rec – yr 6


St Cuthberts Juniors

29/11/2021 St Cuthberts Infants
29/11/2021 Milfield prep
29/11/2021 Wells Cathedral rec – year 6
30/11/2021 Kingsmoor
30/11/2021 Lympsham
30/11/2021 Norton Fitzwarren
30/11/2021 St Michaels (Yeovil)
30/11/2021 Norton Sub Hamdon
30/11/2021 West Pennard
30/11/2021 St Benedicts, Glastonbury
01/12/2021 Holway Park
01/12/2021 Churchstanton
01/12/2021 West Monkton
01/12/2021 Manor Court
01/12/2021 Wincanton Primary
02/12/2021 Somerset Bridge
02/12/2021 Dunster
02/12/2021 All Saints Infants (Dulverton)
02/12/2021 Dulverton Juniors
02/12/2021 St Joseph & St Teresa
02/12/2021 Mells
02/12/2021 Berkley
02/12/2021 Trinity 1st
02/12/2021 Downside
03/12/2021 Bishops Hull
03/12/2021 Oake & Bradford
03/12/2021 Staplegrove
03/12/2021 Stawley
03/12/2021 IKB Wellington
03/12/2021 Brookside
03/12/2021 Ashlands
03/12/2021 Merriot
06/12/2021 BCA – Quantock
06/12/2021 BCA – Sedgemoor
06/12/2021 East Coker
06/12/2021 West Chinnock
06/12/2021 Tatworth
06/12/2021 Winsham
07/12/2021 St Georges
07/12/2021 Minerva
07/12/2021 Churchfield
07/12/2021 Buckland St Mary
07/12/2021 Ashill
07/12/2021 Misterton
07/12/2021 Haselbury Plucknett
07/12/2021 Milborne Port
07/12/2021 Abbas and Templecoombe
08/12/2021 North Town
08/12/2021 St Josephs (Bridgwater)
08/12/2021 Otterhampton
08/12/2021 St John’s (Frome)
08/12/2021 St Louis
08/12/2021 Beckington
08/12/2021 St Nicholas Henstridge
08/12/2021 Charlton Horethorne
08/12/2021 Horsington
09/12/2021 Hamp Academy
09/12/2021 Hamp Infants
09/12/2021 Puriton
09/12/2021 Butleigh
09/12/2021 Croscombe
09/12/2021 Holy Trinity
10/12/2021 Holy Trinity (Taunton)
10/12/2021 North Newton
10/12/2021 Priorswood
10/12/2021 Birchfield
10/12/2021 Hambridge
10/12/2021 Hatch Beauchamp
10/12/2021 St Mary & St Peters (Ilton)
10/12/2021 Shepton Beauchamp
13/12/2021 North Petherton
13/12/2021 Wedmore
13/12/2021 Woolavington
13/12/2021 Keinton mandeville
13/12/2021 Charlton Mackrell
13/12/2021 Long sutton
13/12/2021 All Saints, Montacute
13/12/2021 Baltonsborough
14/12/2021 Trull
14/12/2021 Nerrols
14/12/2021 St Peters – Wiliton
14/12/2021 Christchurch
14/12/2021 Nunney
14/12/2021 Combe st nicholas
14/12/2021 Hinton St George
15/12/2021 Eastover
15/12/2021 Draycott & Rodney
15/12/2021 St Lawrence
15/12/2021 Priddy
15/12/2021 Wookey
15/12/2021 Coxley
15/12/2021 Shepton Mallet Infants
15/12/2021 Stoke st Michael
04/01/2022 Lovington
05/01/2022 St Johns & St Francis
05/01/2022 Middlezoy
05/01/2022 Othery
05/01/2022 Blackbrook
05/01/2022 Ruishton
05/01/2022 Evercreech
05/01/2022 Ditcheat
05/01/2022 Primrose Lane
05/01/2022 Reckleford
06/01/2022 Burnham Infants
06/01/2022 Brent Knoll
06/01/2022 Lyngford Park
06/01/2022 Cheddon Fitzpaine
06/01/2022 Oaklands
06/01/2022 St Bartholomews
06/01/2022 Barwick and Stowford
07/01/2022 Bishop Henderson
07/01/2022 St Andrews (Taunton)
07/01/2022 Stoke St Gregory
07/01/2022 Hayesdown
07/01/2022 Rode
07/01/2022 Norton St Phillip
07/01/2022 St Benedicts (Radstock)
07/01/2022 Leigh on Mendip
10/01/2022 Parkfield
10/01/2022 Wellsprings
10/01/2022 Huish Primary
10/01/2022 Kingfisher
10/01/2022 Castle primary
11/01/2022 Northgate
11/01/2022 Pawlett
11/01/2022 Wemdon St George
11/01/2022 Curry Rivel
11/01/2022 Curry Mallet
11/01/2022 St Aldenhelms
11/01/2022 Upton Noble
12/01/2022 Cheddar 1st
12/01/2022 East huntspill
12/01/2022 Minehead First
12/01/2022 Chewton Mendip
12/01/2022 Horrington
12/01/2022 Hindhayes
12/01/2022 Walton
13/01/2022 Wellesley Park
13/01/2022 West buckland
13/01/2022 Willowdown
13/01/2022 Weare
13/01/2022 Pen Mill Infants
13/01/2022 West Coker
13/01/2022 Chard Independent
13/01/2022 Countess Gytha
13/01/2022 North Cadbury
14/01/2022 Axbridge
14/01/2022 Shipham
14/01/2022 Westover green
14/01/2022 Avishayes
14/01/2022 Neroche
14/01/2022 St Pauls Juniors (Shepton Mallet)
14/01/2022 Bowlish
17/01/2022 Catcott
17/01/2022 Ashcott
17/01/2022 Thurlbear
17/01/2022 North Curry
17/01/2022 Greenfyldes
17/01/2022 St Gilda’s
17/01/2022 St Margarets (Tintinhull)
18/01/2022 Beechgrove
18/01/2022 Sampford Arundel
18/01/2022 St Dubricious Porlock
18/01/2022 Exford
18/01/2022 Cutcombe
18/01/2022 Timberscombe
18/01/2022 Elmhurst
18/01/2022 High Ham
18/01/2022 South petherton Infants
18/01/2022 South Petherton Juniors
19/01/2022 St Michaels Minehead
19/01/2022 Old Cleeve
19/01/2022 St Marys, Bridgwater
19/01/2022 Ilchester Infants
19/01/2022 Ilchester Juniors
19/01/2022 Vallis
19/01/2022 Oakhill
20/01/2022 Milverton
20/01/2022 Wilveliscombe
20/01/2022 St James (Taunton)
20/01/2022 Redstart
20/01/2022 St Vigor & St John
20/01/2022 Hemington
20/01/2022 Springmead
21/01/2022 Berrow
21/01/2022 West Huntspill
21/01/2022 St Johns, Wellington
21/01/2022 Milford Infants
21/01/2022 Chilthorne Domer
21/01/2022 St John’s Infants (Glastonbury)
24/01/2022 Bishops lydeard
24/01/2022 Crowcombe
24/01/2022 Stogumber
24/01/2022 Rockwell Green
24/01/2022 Langford Budville
24/01/2022 Milford Juniors
24/01/2022 Kilmersdon
24/01/2022 Bishop Henderson (Radstock)
25/01/2022 Cotford St Luke
25/01/2022 Lydeard St Lawrence
25/01/2022 St Andrews (Burnham)
25/01/2022 East Brent
25/01/2022 Huish Episcopi Primary
25/01/2022 Meare
25/01/2022 Castle Cary
25/01/2022 Our Ladies
26/01/2022 Cannington
26/01/2022 Mark 1st
26/01/2022 Enmore
26/01/2022 Kingston St Mary
26/01/2022 Ash
26/01/2022 Kingsbury Episcopi
26/01/2022 King Ina
27/01/2022 Nether Stowey
27/01/2022 Spaxton
27/01/2022 Stogursey
27/01/2022 Preston Primary
27/01/2022 Bruton Primary
27/01/2022 BSG – rec – year 6
28/01/2022 Fairlands (yr5&6)
28/01/2022 Weston Zoyland
28/01/2022 Creech St Michael
28/01/2022 Stoberry Park
28/01/2022 Martock
31/01/2022 Knights templar
31/01/2022 St Josephs (Burnham)

Community clinics

Date Time Location
22nd January 2022 9:30am- 11:30am Burnham Community Centre(Next to the swimming pool)                5 The Hall, Berrow Road, Burnham on Sea TA8 2ET
22nd January 2022 1:30pm-3:30pm Salvation Army                                                                                Moorland Road
5th February 2022 9:30am-11:30am West Mendip Community Hospital (Outpatients)                                Old Wells Road, Glastonbury.  BA6 8JD
5th February 2022 1:30pm-3:30pm Westlands Entertainment Venue                                            Westbourne Close, Yeovil. BA20 2DD
6th February 2022 9:00am- 12:00pm Community Families Hub (old hospital)  Level 2, East Reach House East Reach, Taunton. TA1 3EN