Here you can find out about exhibitions that Art for Life have curated in the past, please click on the title for more information.


Rooted in the Landscape, exploring the relationship between art, wellbeing and the natural environment.

Coast, exploring the long made connections we have as human beings to the sea.

Flight II, work produced by NHS staff in response to the exhibition Flight through a workshop led by artist Sara Dudman


Beasts II, an exhibition featuring the bold works of Jackie Spurrier and Alison Jacobs, accompanied by the delicate work of Jon Tremaine.

Flight, an exhibition exploring flight patterns of birds as well as expressions of flight as an abstract concept.

NHS 70 Exhibition, black and white photographs of staff and colleagues alongside their stories of working in the NHS.


Four Seasons, from direct representation to more abstract explorations of both the look and feel of the seasons, this exhibition offers a rich and varied journey through the seasons of the year. Featuring the work of 7 artists – Leo Davey, Jessamy Keily, Lucy Large, Gail Mason, Myrtle Pizzey, Rachel Sargent and Liz Somerville.

A Sense of Place, a group exhibition exploring the work of 5 Somerset artists: Caroline McMillan-Davey, Tess Armitage, Angie Rooke, Barry Watkin and Jenny Graham, all working in landscape in distinct and different ways.

How are you Healing an exhibition about aspects of healing.

Shoreline, explores the Shoreline in a range of colourful, vibrant and thoughtful works spanning contemporary printmaking to photography.


‘Fiona Robinson: Drawing to Music’, explores the trajectory of Fiona Robinson’s influences from landscape and horizon lines through architectural spaces to the echoes of music and voices through empty rooms.

Monochrome, exploring the term ‘monochrome’ which refers to an image using only one, or the values of, one colour.

New Dimensions, rarely seen objects bought to life as inspiration for new contemporary works.

Studio Upstairs, artwork by members of Studio Upstairs Bristol, a Charity and arts community that provides therapeutic support and artistic resources to people in recovery from enduring mental health issues and in drug and alcohol recovery.

Image: Gloria by Jackie Spurrier