What happens if my child has a hearing loss?

Depending on the nature of the hearing loss identified, appropriate support and management is provided. This may involve monitoring or fitting of a hearing aid.

Based on the nature of hearing loss different options of hearing aid will be discussed and if required appropriate Ear, Noise and Throat referral will be made to seek their medical advice. We regularly monitor and support children with hearing loss, ensuring we closely work with our education team to enable effective communication assisting learning as well as with other medical professionals.

Behind the ear hearing aids

Behind the ear hearing aids are worn with an ear mould, which feeds sounds into the ear and the hearing aid sits securely behind ear. Assistive listening devices, such as radio aids, are easily connected to the aid to improve audibility of sound in difficult listening environments. The model of Behind the ear hearing aid fitted depends on the type and degree of hearing loss.

We offer a choice of ear mould colours and designs. We give regular appointments for children under 1 year for ear mould impression to get ear mould for their growing ears. The frequency of impression appointments will gradually lessen as a child gets older and their rate of growth reduces.

A selection of behind the ear hearing aids in different colours from white, pink, purple, blue, green, red and more.


Adhear hearing aids

Adhear hearing aids are used to support the temporary hearing loss caused due to glue ear. The children hearing will be continuously monitored periodically to assess the hearing level and need of hearing support.

A visual image an adhear hearing aid being placed behind the ear.

Bone conduction aid

An alternative bone conduction aid work on a soft headband will be offered to child if appropriate for children under 2 years of age, for whom the Adhear hearing aid is likely to be impractical.

Ear moulds Choices

We offer a choice of colours or designs of Ear moulds.

How to get new ear mould?

Your child requires an appointment to get the ear moulds.  To arrange an appointment contact us to book, please phone 01823 342186

What if my child requires Adhear sticker for Adhear hearing aids?

Please contact Audiology department prior you run out of stock for Adhere sticky pads to order for your child on 01823 342186

What if there is some problem with hearing aid?

If there is any problem with the hearing aid, you can post the hearing aids to audiology department or you can contact Audiology department to book an appointment.

How to get new batteries for the hearing aids?

New batteries for the hearing aids can be collected from Audiology department by walk-in or you can contact audiology department to post you batteries.