Lymphoedema service

Lymphoedema sometimes occurs after breast surgery if the fluid is unable to drain away and this can cause swelling in the arm, hand, breast, chest wall or trunk. Once you are referred to us we can help you manage your swelling and give you advice on skin care, exercise, compression garments and lymphatic massage. We also offer exercise classes. (please note; due to Covid-19 our exercise classes are currently virtual via our website and we no longer run a swimming group)

We run clinics five days a week at St Margaret’s Hospices in Taunton and Yeovil. (Please note; we previously ran clinics at community hospitals in Williton, Burnham-On-Sea, West Mendip and Wincanton, Bridgwater and South Petherton. These have been suspended due to Covid-19 with no date at this time for reopening these clinics).

Most patients undergoing breast surgery will have a bioimpedence measurement taken at the pre-operative assessment clinic. This measures the normal level of fluid in your arm. We’ll then measure it again every three months for up to two years so we can identify any slight changes. By treating it early, we can significantly reduce the risk of long term problems. Depending on your treatment we may also invite you to a group talk about how to reduce the risk of developing lymphoedema. All bioimpedence measurements take place at the Taunton site.

If you have any questions, you can contact the lymphoedema team on 01823 346950 (Taunton) or 01935 709490 (Yeovil).