Chaplaincy for Community and Mental Health Service


We are happy that you have found these pages about the Chaplaincy for Community and Mental Health, Somerset Foundation Trust.

We provide emotional support to staff, patients, their visitors and carers. You can be referred to us or refer yourself.

Information about our Service.

Chaplains are appointed by the NHS to provide spiritual and religious support to patients, their carers and other NHS employees.

We believe the whole person needs to be understood, valued and cared for and that everybody is unique, with very personal hopes, dreams and fears.

Chaplains are trained listeners, who are used to being alongside people who face radical changes in their lives or when difficult decisions have to be made.  Our aim is to hear your concerns without imposing our own values or beliefs onto you.  We hope to help you explore some feelings more deeply, as you try to make meaning in the midst of uncertainty and change.

Some people have specific religious needs.  We will try to help you stay in touch with your religious practices and your religious community. The current members of the chaplaincy team come from different faith and belief traditions.  The salaried chaplains are supported by a team of chaplaincy volunteers and by faith leaders in the community.

As NHS employees we adhere to all of the NHS protocols and follow the UK Board of Health Care chaplains’ code of conduct. We are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as other NHS staff and work as part of the hospital’s multi-disciplinary teams to make sure everybody receives holistic care.

How to refer / referral information (if applicable):

We can be contacted by telephone:
01823 66 8794 (please leave a message)


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