How to refer a child or young person

We provide a service to those children and families who are registered with a Somerset GP.

Any professional or a parent can refer a child to the Children and Young People’s Therapy Service. You can refer using the Children and Young People’s Therapy Service Referral Form or if you are a professional an Early Help Assessment (EHA) which you can download by clicking on the links. You may also need additional information forms:

If you are a school or pre-school referring a child for Speech and Language Therapy please complete the Communication Competencies form.

If you are concerned about your child’s pronunciation and they are over three years old, please complete this Speech Sound Screener Final. It will help you to work out which sounds your child is having difficulty saying and whether these sounds should have developed at their age. Please fill it in the best you can. If after completing the Speech Sound Screener you feel a referral to Speech and Language Therapy is needed, please ensure you attach the record form to your referral.

If you are referring a child for Occupational Therapy assessment, you will need to a complete the OT additional information form if they are at school, or the OT Additional Information (Early Years) Form if they are at pre-school.

If you are referring a child specifically for a feeding or drinking related concern then please attach a completed Additional information to support a feeding referral form.

Completing the relevant forms will provide the therapist(s) with valuable information for planning the assessment.

Please send the forms either by post or email to:


CYP Therapy Referrals
Children and Young People’s Therapy Service
Priory House
Priory Health Park
Glastonbury Road

If you have any enquiries about referrals, please telephone 01749 836691 or email