Critical care unit

Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

Critical care unit

We provide critical (intensive and high dependency) care to patients of all ages with serious life-threatening illness who need constant, close monitoring and support from equipment, medication and specialist staff.

Our critical care unit provides advanced medical procedures including artificial renal support, advanced respiratory and advanced cardiac support. We care for patients after undergoing extensive surgical procedures and look after a large number of patients who are suffering from severe infections and other medical problems. The unit, which has six intensive care and six high dependency beds, is also able to look after children should the need arise.

Our team is led by nine consultants, eighty nursing staff, and representatives from all the allied specialties including microbiology, physiotherapy, radiology, nutrition, pharmacy and speech and language. The unit also participates in local and national research.

We understand that having a relative or loved one in critical care can be very stressful. We are always happy to listen to you and do our best to answer your questions so please come to us with any questions or concerns. We also welcome your feedback and sometimes we will ask if you are happy to fill out a short questionnaire to help improve our service.

For further information on our critical care please ask for a copy of our booklet when you visit.


Isolated but not alone

While visiting is not possible, our critical care team want to reassure you that we will care for your loved ones as we would our own family. We will do our best to help you stay connected at this time of separation.

We can:

  • talk on the phone
  • arrange FaceTime and Skype calls at the bedside
  • play music or radio at the bedside or read letters, poems, excerpts from books
  • take a photograph of a patient if you request it
  • play voice recordings at the bedside so that a patient may hear a familiar voice
  • arrange a chaplain to sit with patients and deliver your messages

One of our critical care team will remain at the bedside day and night so that patients are not alone.

NHS Isolation Notice