Help us prevent infection

If you visit one of our hospitals when you are unwell, you run the risk of passing harmful bugs – such as norovirus – on to patients who are already vulnerable.   Please help us to look after your loved ones by being a ‘responsible visitor’ in our hospitals. If you are worried about your own symptoms, please contact your GP or NHS 111.

Help us reduce the risk of infection to patients by following a few simple guidelines when visiting hospital:

  • Always use the alcohol gel provided for visitors at the entrances to the wards, both on arrival and when you leave. Rub the gel into your hands until it fully evaporates, about 30 seconds, without forgetting fingernails, thumbs and between fingers and wrists
  • If you visit more than one ward, please clean your hands between visits too
  • Do not come to hospital as a visitor if you have an infection, such as a heavy cold or stomach upset
  • Do not visit patients if you have had any diarrhoea or vomiting in the previous two days.