Vaccinations for Baby

Vaccines help keep your baby safe from diseases like measles and meningitis. By getting your baby vaccinated, you also help keep other kids safe by stopping diseases from spreading. In the UK, these shots are free. Just set up a time with your doctor.

Your baby will needs these vaccinations:

  • 8 weeks – 6-in-1, RV, and MenB
  • 12 weeks – second dose of the 6-in-1, RV  and a PCV
  • 16 weeks – third 6-in-1 dose and second MenB

A health person can tell you more about this.

After getting a vaccine, your baby might be a bit fussy. A hug or feeding might help. The injection spot might be red for a few days, but it will get better. If your baby feels too warm, it means they might have a fever. To help, you can:

  • Remove extra clothes or blankets.
  • Give them more milk or water.
  • Use liquid medicine like paracetamol.

After the MenB injection, it’s good to give your baby paracetamol because it can cause a fever. Always read the medicine’s instructions or ask a chemist. If your baby was born early, ask the doctor about the right medicine dose.

If your baby’s fever doesn’t go away or if they seem very sick, call a doctor or 111. If they’re less than 3 months old and their temperature is 38C or more, or if they’re 3-6 months old with a temperature of 39C or more, you should call for help. A digital thermometer can help you check their temperature. You can buy one at any store or chemist.