Kate’s story

Kate is 39 years old and lives in Somerset. She is a busy mum of two, and she works part time as a cleaner. Kate felt that maintaining and balancing life, work, and looking after her children as a single mum, was very difficult to manage.

Her medical history includes under active thyroid and depressive disorder. Her BMI was over 35, categorising her as severely obese. She is also prediabetic.

Kate decided to engage with a Health Coach after hearing about the service through her GP Practice.  She had made the first positive step towards starting her journey to improve her health and achieve her self-identified health goal.


Self -Identified Goal

Kate always wanted to eat healthy and be more active. She wanted to be a healthier role model for her family.


How did the Health Coach Support Kate?

Through a person-centred discussion, exploring what mattered most to Kate, it was suggested that Kate could create an action plan. This could help her to better manage her day-to-day tasks. NHS resources and apps were discussed to help Kate become more aware of the choices available and how the positive changes could improve her health and wellness. Multiple sessions of coaching provided motivation and focus.


What Did Kate Do?

Every week she introduced small changes in her diet. She discovered that she could prepare tasty and healthy meals in short period of time and in her budget. Kate used the suggested information and guidance to achieve this. She decreased her consumption of unhealthy snacks which she had eaten every day instead of her breakfast. Every evening she prepared a healthy breakfast for the day ahead. This enabled Kate to always have breakfast in the morning, which filled her up.

Kate also became more active by increasing her walks in the local park with her friend 3 times a week, while her children spent time with their grandparents.



Kate felt more in control & relaxed, her mood improved, she had time for herself and she finally started to lose some weight. The small changes made this more sustainable long term.


Kates Feedback

“My health coach listened to me and guided me for the first 12 weeks of my weight lost journey. I knew, it was only the beginning, but I felt motivated, and I wanted to achieve more to keep myself healthy and to be role model for my children”