Homemade Supplement Recipes for Care Homes

Providing a nutrient dense diet is an essential treatment to support your residents who have been identified as at risk of malnutrition. It is clearly advised by national, evidence based guidance.

The ‘Creating a fortified diet: Recipe booklet’ is a free resource for those caring for people who have been identified as at risk of malnutrition, or who are malnourished. It is likely to be particularly useful for those working in, or supporting carehomes for older adults.
As the content of this resource is slightly different to the many other resources which exist about using food to manage malnutrition, the content is also likely to support both health and social care staff to start to think a little differently about how food can be best used to meet all nutritional needs for those with or at risk of malnutrition.

Below you will find additional recipes and information to support your care home and catering team with making homemade supplements for residents at risk of malnutrition.

Always offer the most nutritionally complete choice first (Fortified Milkshake). The recipes below are listed in order of their nutritional content with the Fortified Milkshake being the most nutritionally complete and the Cream Shot being the least nutritionally complete.

! Thicken with prescribed thickener if necessary to suit individual needs. For further guidance on texture modified diets visit the IDDSI website www.iddsi.org, alternatively seek dietetic advice.