The team in this service treats the tissues surrounding the eye ball, including the eyelids, extra-ocular muscles, socket and tear system.
We  assess and treat people with a number of conditions, these include:

  • Malposition of an eyelid such as drooping upper eyelid (ptosis), in-turning eyelid (entropion), turning out lower eyelid (Ectropion)
  • Watering eyes
  • Lump (or lesion) in the skin close to the eye
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Problems with an artificial eye, or needing an artificial eye
  • Eyelid Cancer
  • Misdirected eye lashes causing corneal abrasion ( Trichiasis)
  • Orbital tumours and fractures.
  • Facial and lid tics ( for example Blepharospasm)

Most eyelid surgery will be done under local anaesthesia as a day-case patient.

If you need general anaesthesia for your surgery, you may be able to have this as a day case ( your surgeon will advise)


  • Consultants who work in this service: Mr E Saxby, Mr R Davies
  • Ophthalmic surgical care practitioner: Jo Flintham


Further information ; BOPSS ( British Oculoplastic Surgery Society) public information tab.