Macular and Medical Retina


Medical Retina provides comprehensive medical and surgical treatment for conditions that affect the back of the eye such as Age related macular degeneration (AMD),  retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, retinal blood vessel blockages .

Macular degeneration is a painless disorder that affects the retina in one, or more usually, both eyes. This condition can result in rapid loss of vision.

Main forms of macular degeneration

  • Dry macular: The macula slowly becomes weaker with atrophy (wearing away).
  • Wet macular: Vision is lost because of the development of abnormal blood vessels.
  • Others: The commonest of these is retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) detachments. The RPE is a layer under the retina and fluid may form under this pushing the retina forward.


Eylea and lucentis ( Drug names may change with research and advancement in treatment ) will be given as injections into the eye as an outpatient.

Visual Hallucinations (Charles Bonnet Syndrome)

People with poor vision can experience unusual, flashing or whirling lights. You may also start seeing shapes, animals or people that you know are not real. It usually settles down over time without any intervention.

More information

Appointments: 01823 342669 (clinic coordinator)

Urgent problems: 01823 344662 (9.00-5.00pm)

01823 342023 (Blake ward after 5pm)

Consultants who work in this service:

  • Mr EN Herbert, Mr S Gudsoorkar, Mr JC Park
  • AMD Practitioners ; Deborah Snell ( Macular Lead)
  • Shaun Matthews , Debra Payne , Ion Vasile , Isabel Parry , Louise Wright , Marah Mapola
  • Clinic Coordinators ; Sandra Lemontais Dawn Chapman

Virtual appointments are held in multiple off site locations including our new centre Harrison House 01823 368530.

At virtual appointments a series of diagnostic tests are performed by ophthalmic technicians, the results are then reviewed by clinicians and results sent to the patient by post at a later date.