Private Respiratory

Respiratory provides comprehensive care for patients with respiratory disorders.

  • Dr Justin Pepperell

    Dr Justin Pepperell, MBBChir MA DA FRCP MD

    Consultant Respiratory Physician

    For appointments/enquiries, please contact: Mrs Julia Ashley, Private Secretary, on 01823 344635.


Dr Justin Pepperell MBBChir MA DA FRCP MD has been a full time NHS Consultant Respiratory Physician at Musgrove and The Somerset NHS Foundation Trust for 20 years.

In particular an increase in presentations with chronic cough, unexplainable breathlessness and chest pains. Insomnia and sleep disruption have also increased as a result.

Dr Pepperell receives referrals from the whole of the South West for a range of symptoms commonly breathlessness, cough, wheeze or chest pain from all the common diseases including Asthma, COPD, lung fibrosis and cancers etc. An assessment at Parkside can include spirometry if needed and oxygen monitoring of limited exercise to see if the lungs are getting oxygen into the system.

Dr Pepperell is a specialist in snoring and sleep disorders and supervises a full range of sleep laboratory investigations for sleep apnoea, insomnia and more complex parasomnias.

Other investigations can be arranged as needed through Somerset NHS Foundation trust on a private basis including bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy, drainage of the pleural cavity, complex lung function, respiratory muscle strength and measures of airway inflammation, cardiopulmonary exercise tests and overnight sleep studies.

More information about the range of disorders seen can be found on Dr Pepperell’s website