CT scans

CT scans are available as a private patient service at Yeovil Hospital. We are located in South Somerset close to the Dorset border. This makes us easily accessible for patients across Somerset and Dorset.

CT is short for Computerised Tomography, these scans are specially designed to capture images of your body. A CT scanner uses a computer to present cross sections of your body and internal organs for a specialist to review. Please note you cannot refer yourself for a CT scan, you must be referred to us by your GP or medical practitioner.

What does a CT scan cost?

CT scan prices range depending on how many parts of your body need to be scanned and whether contrast is required (in most cases a contrast is needed). Contrast is a special injection that helps to improve the diagnostic accuracy of the CT Scan. The prices below include consultant fees and scanning costs.

One body part scan –  £404
Two body part scan – £693
Three body part scan – £998
Four body part scan – £1260
Contrast cost – £105

How to book your CT scan

If you have any questions or you would like to book a CT scan please call us on 01935 384576 or complete the form below.

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