Scans, diagnostic imaging and x-rays

We offer a wide range of private scans, diagnostic imaging and x-rays. Our hospital is located in Yeovil, South Somerset and close to the border with Dorset, which makes us easily accessible to patients across Somerset and Dorset.

Our scans, diagnostic imaging and x-rays are conducted by our consultant radiologists and expert sonographers. Your GP, Physiotherapist or healthcare professional may refer you for a scan to help them recommend the correct course of treatment for you. Our team will complete the required scan and provide an initial report to explain the findings.

Scans available to private patients

  • MRI scans
  • Ultrasound scans
  • CT scans
  • Plain X-rays
  • DXA Body Composition Scan

Which scans are most popular?

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CT scans and costs

MRI scans and costs

Ultrasound scans and costs

DXA Body Composition Scan costs

How to book a private scan

You can self refer for a DXA scan, to complete the online form visit our DXA scan page.

For the other scans, once a referral has been made by your GP or consultant, to book your scan please call us on 01935 384576. For general enquiries please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Arthrographic Shoulder Distension for frozen shoulder

We now offer this much less invasive, yet very effective procedure than the alternative surgical option.

Richard Clarkson, Consultant Radiologist who performs this procedure says: “ have used this technique since arriving in Yeovil over 11 years ago and it has revolutionised treatment of frozen shoulders (adhesive capsulitis) locally and is now the first line of intervention.
The technique involves a three-pronged approach of: firstly distending the tight capsule with a combination of long acting local anaesthetic and air once dye has been injected and is shown using x-ray to be within the joint; secondly by then also injecting a dose of steroid into the joint; and thirdly through physio to maximise the effects and keep the released and often pain free joint moving.”

Previous audits performed by both Radiology and Physiotherapy departments have shown 9 out of 10 patients have significantly reduced or no pain and much better movement post treatment and further treatment is not usually required.”

For further details, please contact the Kingston Wing on 01935 384234 or email

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