Ultrasound scans

Ultrasound scans are available as a private patient service at Yeovil Hospital. We are ideally located for patients from both Somerset and Dorset.

Your GP, physiotherapist or health professional can refer you for an ultrasound scan. All our scans are performed by Consultant Radiologists (Specialist doctors in medical imaging and diagnostics).

What does an ultrasound scan cost?

The price depends on which part of your body is being scanned. Please see example prices below. All of our ultrasound prices include consultant fees.

Abdomen – £284
Musculoskeletal – £267
Pelvis with Kidneys, Ureters, and Bladder – £314

How to book your ultrasound scan

If you have any questions or you would like to book an Ultrasound Scan following referral by a health professional, please call us on 01935 384576 or complete the form below.

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