Cauda Equina Syndrome - GP referral form

This referral form is for the use of medical professionals only.

Suspected Cauda Equina Syndrome referral form

This referral form is for the use of medical professionals assessing patients in the locality of Musgrove Park Hospital. If your local hospital is Yeovil, Weston General, or Royal United Hospitals you should refer the patient to one of those hospitals using the specific referral pathway for that hospital. Out of area patients with clinical features of Cauda Equina Syndrome should not be referred to Musgrove Park Hospital without the completion of an MRI scan that identifies radiological evidence of compression of the Cauda Equina. This referral form is not for inter-hospital referrals, in that scenario the orthopaedic registrar on-call should be contacted via the switch board.

This form is for use of medical professionals identified on the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s Community and Primary Care Cauda Equina Syndrome Pathway Document. The medical professionals are:

  • Somerset based General Practitioners
  • Somerset based Primary Care Advanced Clinical Practitioners
  • Somerset based Minor Injury Unit General Practitioners and Advanced Clinicians
  • Somerset NHS FT Spinal Surgery Team
  • Somerset NHS FT Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists
  • Devon Docs/MeddCare clinicians for out of hour services:
    Monday – Sunday, 6pm-8am, and all day on bank holidays

This form will be located here while it is being uploaded and tested on the primary and community medical record systems.

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