You can get hearing aid batteries free of charge in the following ways:


Send your brown record book with a large letter stamp for return postage to:

Audiology Department
Level 1 Duchess Building
Musgrove Park Hospital

In person

Present your brown book at the following hospitals during opening hours:

  • Burnham-on-Sea War Memorial Hospital
  • Bridgwater Hospital
  • Chard Hospital
  • Minehead Hospital
  • Musgrove Park Hospital Audiology Department
  • West Mendip Hospital
  • Williton Hospital
  • Yeovil District Hospital
  • South Petherton Hospital
  • Crewkerne Hospital
  • Wincanton Hospital
  • Taunton Road Medical Centre Bridgwater
  • Victoria Park Health and Wellbeing Hub Bridgwater

You can also present your brown book at selected GP surgeries and Taunton library (please ask your GP surgery if they supply batteries).

Please note:

  • You must present your brown record book to prove you are entitled to NHS batteries
  • We do not provide batteries for private hearing aids
  • We will give you a maximum of two packets of batteries per hearing aid at any one time
  • You can buy extra batteries from most pharmacies and private hearing aid dispensers or online.

Important information for Caregivers

Hearing aids can pose a choking hazard. Vulnerable adults who could potentially put the hearing aids in their mouth should always be supervised when wearing hearing aids.

When not in use hearing aids should be kept in the cases provided and out of the reach of vulnerable adults and even pets.

Hearing aids batteries also pose a choking hazard and are very dangerous if swallowed therefore tamperproof features are available. This will have been discussed with you at the fitting appointment and used if necessary.

These safety instructions apply not only to the person wearing the hearing aid(s) but also children and others who may be around the hearing aids.

If your hearing aid(s) does not have a tamperproof features and you feel they are needed please contact the Audiology department.

Please note: In the event a battery has been swallowed, please take them to A&E as this is a medical emergency. If your pet has swallowed a battery, please seek urgent advice from your veterinary surgery.