Adult speech and language therapy

Adult Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) is a countywide service provided by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. Our service provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment to both Inpatients and Outpatients with acquired disorders of communication and swallowing.


Referrals will be accepted from GPs, Consultants, Ward Doctors/Nurses, Specialist Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.   These professionals can delegate the completion of a referral to a Student Nurse or an HCA if required.

Care Home staff can refer patients directly to our service without needing to go via a resident’s GP.

Under Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU) patients and their carers can also refer within the PIFU timeframe stated on their discharge letter.

To make a referral to Adult Speech and Language Therapy, please select the form to the left.

Yeovil District Hospital Inpatients (Non-Stroke) refer via YCloud on Yeovil District Hospital Intranet. Stroke patients on Ward 8B/ACCU should be referred in writing, by referrals being written in the SLT stroke referrals book kept on ACCU (all non- stroke patients on these wards should still be referred electronically).

If you are unable to submit a referral using the link to our referral form, or you need to send supporting documents, please email with this information.

Central Booking Team

Our central booking office team are based at Bracken House in Chard.  They receive all referrals for the Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service for both inpatients and outpatients throughout Somerset.  They book outpatient clinic appointments, home visits, nursing home visits and community hospital inpatient visits.

Patient Leaflets / Fact sheets

Download our fact sheet for eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

Adults with Learning Disabilities

For information about Speech and Language Therapy for adults with learning disabilities please visit the Learning Disabilities specialist health service.

Children and Young People’s Therapy Service

For and Children/Young People Inpatient or Community referrals, please click on the link below:-
Children & Young People’s Therapy Service

Further Information

For further information about the profession of Speech and Language Therapy, please go to The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists  website