If you are unfortunate to sustain a traumatic injury or fracture, your first contact will be with the emergency department.

Here you will be assessed and any first line treatment will be given including the application of any casts, splints or slings.

You may need to be admitted to the hospital either due to the injury you have sustained or because of social reasons.

If we are able to discharge you direct from the emergency department we will send you home with information regarding any ongoing care.

Trauma Triage

As a department we are moving towards the virtual care of patients. In light of this, we run a daily trauma triage clinic led by an orthopaedic consultant.

During this clinic, the orthopaedic consultant will review the information sent to us from ED about your injury as well as review your X-ray/scans.

If it is deemed that you need to be seen in clinic you will be contacted by a member of the appointments team with the relevant details. However, if your injury is minor and does not require any further orthopaedic input, you will receive a letter advising you of this along with an information leaflet and physiotherapy instructions.

We have had extremely positive feedback from patients regarding this line of care and have won an internal award for this innovative service.

Trauma Surgery

If you need surgery following a trauma injury, this can be done either in the main inpatient theatres or in the Day Surgery Centre, as directed by your clinician.

You may have been see in ED or fracture clinic and informed that you require an operation. If this is the case, one of our trauma co-ordinators will contact you with further details.