The arts, in the broadest sense, can provide support and distraction in these challenging times

We are experiencing difficult and extraordinary times that are having, and will continue to have, a significant and potentially lasting impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing. In these times, the Art for Life team are keen to offer support and advice for our colleagues and patients across Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. These pages contain information on some resources that are available both for our staff colleagues and our patients.

Because we are very aware that everyone is busy and will not therefore have the time to wade through all the available resources we have tried to identify which resources would be best suited to which group of patients or staff.

There are new resources being made available all the time so we will try and make sure we update this information on a regular basis so do please keep coming back.

We would like to thank organisations and colleagues who have complied information and resources that we have used to create this specific list for our Trust. Thanks to the Culture Health & Wellbeing Alliance, Arts & Health South West and other hospital teams and arts & health organisations. Credits where appropriate are shown alongside the specific resources.

Please note that Art for Life has not had time to test out all the activities suggested in this online resource. We have tried to include the information in different categories but we would suggest you test the appropriateness of activities for a person’s needs. We would also add that we are not necessarily recommending these activities over any others that are available.