Cardiology & Vascular Studies

The following studies are being carried out at the Somerset Foundation Trust.

SELECT (Cardiology)

Information on this study can be found on the novonordisk trials website.


DAVE (Vascular)

This study aims to determine whether a type of human skin graft called Decellularised Dermis (DCD) can help your ulcer heal quicker than using the standard treatment of compression bandaging alone.

The DCD graft is made from human skin from deceased donors which has been processed to remove the human cells and leave a matrix behind. DCD contains no human cells, unlike other donated skin grafts, which means that it is unlikely to be rejected by your body. The graft is placed over your ulcer and secured into place with glue or stitches and then covered in a dressing so that compression bandaging can be placed on top. The study will compare standard compression therapy versus treatment with the DCD graft plus compression therapy.

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ORION-4 is a research study which aims to find out if a new cholesterol lowering injection safely reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes in people who have already had one of these conditions, or who have had an operation or procedure to unblock their arteries.

The study is coordinated by the University of Oxford and co-sponsored by The University of Oxford and Novartis in collaboration with researchers at the TIMI Study Group at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA.

About 15,000 people aged 55 years or older will take part in this study. Half will get inclisiran injections and half will get dummy (inactive placebo) injections. Which treatment a person gets is decided by chance and neither participants nor their doctors will know which treatment they are given (i.e. this is a ‘double-blind’ randomized trial). Participants are asked to stay in the study for about 5 years.

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