Training Opportunities

Are you doctor, nurse or AHP interested in getting involved in research? If so, the department of clinical research has a dedicated and experienced team who can help and support you. Libby Graham, our Practice Development Lead can provide advice on which training would be most suitable for your particular area of interest and role.

In addition to the support we provide at SFT, the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) also provides a great deal of information and training for new and existing researchers in any role.

Below is a list of suggested training for new researchers delivered either through online eLearning modules or webinars. However, bespoke one to one discussions to supplement this training can be provided by getting in touch via the contact details below.

You will need to register an account with the NIHR; after which you can access courses relevant to carrying out research. You can access the NIHR website here.

Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is a set of internationally recognised ethical and scientific quality requirements that must be followed when designing, conducting, recording and reporting clinical trials that involve people. You will need to have completed your GCP training before you can commence working on any trials.  Please click here for more information on the Introduction to GCP course.

Refresher GCP

This training needs to be repeated every 2-3 years depending on the type of study you are involved in (we can confirm this for you). Click here for the link to the refresher GCP course.

New to Research

There are a variety of courses on offer via the NIHR website. During the current Covid pandemic, all face to face courses have been suspended. However, these have been replaced with online versions and some will be offering post course webinars for delegates to discuss the course content further with experienced research trainers (under construction). Below is a list of courses that are advisable for individuals new to research:

E= Essential       D= Desirable/optional

  • Introduction to GCP (E)
  • Introduction to Clinical research (D)
  • Informed Consent (D: although highly recommended for PIs and Research Nurses)
  • Informed Consent for specialist areas eg Adults lacking capacity, paediatrics etc (D)
  • Study set up and conduct aimed at R&D administrative staff (D)
  • Data Quality and management (D: overview of concepts and processes for data collection aimed at all staff involved in research)

If you are new to research you can find the courses above by clicking here

CRN – Workforce and training

What is Health Research? – Free Online Course now running
‘What is Health Research?’ is aimed at anyone who wants to enhance their understanding of health research and covers how research improves healthcare, what health research involves, busts common myths and highlights ways to get involved. The course runs for three weeks and new learners can join at any time.

Virtual Informed Consent training
We plan to run this course for the South West Peninsula on the 8th and 11th February. Please contact Kirsty Maclean, NIHR CRN SWP Training and Workforce Development Manager, on for more information.

Online training modules available on NIHR learn
The following learning modules can be found on the NIHR Learn website under ‘Locally Delivered learning: CRNSWP’

  • Introduction to research
  • Introduction to the CRN
  • Communication about Randomised Control Trials
  • Practical lab skills for research
  • EDGE training
  • Site File Management
  • The Research Conversation

Thinking of becoming a Principal Investigator?

There is a course specifically for participants who have complete the PI Essentials Webinar training.  Participants can access an evaluation form for the course and their certificate.  Please note that this course is enrolment key protected.  You will have to request your enrolment key on completion of the webinar training. More details can be found here.

Established Researchers

For those of you already established in research click here to access the GCP refresher course. The link also takes you to other useful courses.  The course Enhancing clinical research in practice develops your knowledge, understanding and skills in clinical research through this 40 credit bachelor’s degree-level module. The NIHR Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP)is an annual programme that takes place over a 12 month period and is focused on translating leading edge thinking drawn from a wide range of fields of enquiry into impactful practice.

Associate Principal Investigator

The Associate Principal Investigator (PI) Scheme aims to develop junior doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to become the PIs of the future and provides formal recognition of a trainee’s engagement in NIHR Portfolio research studies through the conferment of Associate PI status endorsed by the NIHR and the following medical Royal Colleges:

  • Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • Royal College of Emergency Medicine
  • Royal College of Physicians
  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • Royal College of Surgeons (England)
  • Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Following a successful year-long pilot in Surgery and endorsement from the above colleges, the scheme is now also open to studies led, or co-supported by the following specialties: Cancer, Ear, Nose and Throat, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Anaesthesia and Peri-Operative Medicine and Pain Management, and Trauma and Emergency Care. The ambition is to obtain endorsement from all the Medical Royal Colleges and implement this scheme across all specialty areas.

To find out what studies we currently have registered for these specialties, please see our list of studies registered to the scheme.

For more information click here.

Any questions?

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Libby Graham is the Practice Development Lead in the Department of Clinical Research.


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