Packing your Hospital Bag

When it’s time to have your baby, you will need to bring some items to the hospital or birth centre. This is called your labour and birth bag. It’s a good idea to pack a bag even if you are planning a home birth just in case you need to go to the hospital.

Not every baby arrives on their due date so packing your bag a few weeks before (by 37 weeks) will make sure you have everything you need when the times comes.

Remember to pack enough for a few days just in case you stay at the hospital longer than planned.

Always ask your consultant/doctor or midwife about what the hospital has and what you should bring.

Here’s what you should pack:

Maternity notes and birth plan Coins for car park/car park payment details x1 pack of nappies
Any medications that you take regularly Comfy clothes/shoes/shorts Clothes; sleep suits and vests (x3-4 of each)
Comfy clothes to wear in labour Drinks and snacks Several cotton hats and a woolly hat
Slippers and/or flip-flops Phone and charger Clothes for going home
Dressing gown and pyjamas/ nightdress (x2) that opens at the front (for ease of feeding) Camera Socks/mittens (x2 pairs)
Comfy clothes to wear home Books/magazines Cotton wool/water wipes
Crop top/bikini top if using water/ birthing pool Overnight stay clothes/toiletries etc if planning/able to stay Muslin square/bibs
Comfortable maternity bra/feeding bra Car seat to take baby home
Knickers for after the birth – large size, cotton and comfortable and/or disposable knickers Baby blanket/shawl
Towel (x2 if using birthing pool)
Toiletries, including deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, hair ties and lip balm
x2 packs of maternity sanitary pads (thick and ultra-absorbent)
Breast pads
Glasses/contact lenses
Portable speakers/earphones to play music
Drinks, snacks and drinking straws
If you want to use TENS Machine for pain relief, bring it. If you don’t have one, speak to your midwife about hiring one.
Water spray/fan
Extra pillow(s)
Phone and charger

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