Work, Maternity Leave and Pay

When you are 20 weeks pregnant, after your scan, you can get a MATB1 form from your midwife or doctor. This form helps you get paid while you’re on maternity leave. If you have a job, your job will pay you. If you don’t have a job, the Jobcentre Plus will give you some money.

When you’re pregnant or after your baby is born, you can get:

  • Paid time off to go to doctor appointments.
  • Money for maternity leave.
  • Time off for maternity leave.
  • Fair treatment at work

If you don’t have a job or have a low income, you can get extra help. The websites below can give you more information about this.

If you have a job, you need to tell them you’re pregnant at least 15 weeks before your baby comes. After you tell them, your workplace will make sure it’s safe for you to work. They might change a few things to help you. It’s good to talk to the HR department at work to know what they can do for you when you’re pregnant

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