MUST Care Pathway for Care Homes in Somerset

Please find our MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool) Care Pathway for Care Homes in Somerset to view or download.

Using the MUST tool with overweight patients

Caution must be used when applying the MUST care pathway for residents who are overweight.

Residents  who are overweight and experience a change of environment and/or cognitive decline may  not have access to the high energy foods or snacks they once had access too. They may also not have the same appetite as they once had. These changes may result in gradual weight loss over time and their weight may stabilise within a healthier weight range.

If a resident is eating normally and their GP does not feel their is any other reason for their weight loss then following a fortified diet as per the MUST care pathway is usually not recommended Gradual weight loss may be appropriate and carers should continue to monitor their weight, referring for further support if appropriate.