Nutrition Support Care Plan Booklet

The Nutrition Support Care Plan booklet gives structured guidance to carers of residents who have been identified as at risk of malnutrition. It provides guidance on how to develop an individualised plan to support residents with a high energy fortified diet and homemade supplements.  This Food First approach follows NICE best practice.

The booklet contains:

  • Guidance on using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) effectively in the care home setting.
  • Detailed instructions on developing a food first action plan using prescribed amounts of ‘toppers’, needed to prevent further weight loss
  • Recipes for homemade supplements
  • A weekly Food First Prescription Chart for mandatory completion
  • Instructions on actions to be completed following monthly MUST screening.


We have two versions of the Nutrition Support Care Plan booklet.

  1. An electronic version which can be completed electronically and embedded into any electronic patient records. Please note: this booklet must be downloaded and saved before filling in the fields electronically.
  2. A regular version which can be printed and completed manually. Both booklets have the same content.


Nutrition Support Care Home booklet to download

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