Cancer services

Who will care for you

Who will care for you

Your care will be provided by a group of experts called a multidisciplinary team (MDT). This is a group of doctors, nurses and other health professionals specialising in treating cancer.

The MDT team will discuss and manage your care and plan the treatment that’s best for you. They will keep you involved in treatment choices and decisions about your care.

Colleagues you may see

  • Administrative and clerical colleagues –  a range of people support your care by welcoming you to reception, booking in appointments and answering your questions
  • Clinical nurse specialists (known as CNS) – nurses with specific expertise in cancer
  • Clinical oncologists – doctors who treat cancer with radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists – if you or your carer need extra emotional support before, during or after treatment
  • Key worker – your first point of contact throughout their treatment. They will often, but not always, be a clinical nurse specialist
  • Medical oncologists – doctors who treat cancer primarily with chemotherapy
  • Occupational therapists (known as OTs) – therapists who help you carry out daily activities throughout their treatment, such as dressing or getting to the shops, and help devise practical solutions
  • Nurses – apart from the clinical nurse specialist (described above), a range of other nurses are involved in your care. You can identify nurses by their colour of uniform.
  • Pathologists – doctors who specialise in identifying different types of cells using a microscope
  • Cancer specialist physiotherapists – who help you develop, maintain and restore their movement and physical ability throughout their treatment
  • Radiologists – doctors who specialise in x-ray tests/scans
  • Speech and language therapists – therapists who help you with swallowing, communication or voice difficulties, for example after neck surgery
  • Surgical oncologists – doctors who use surgery to treat cancer
  • Therapy radiographers – specialists who give radiotherapy and can help and advise you during your radiotherapy.

Each team has multi-disciplinary team co-ordinator who may call you to invite you for a scan or another type of test or investigation. They work with the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and other organisations to make sure they have all the information and test results needed to review your case.

Our multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) also work closely with local community services including your GP (home doctor), the nurses at your GP practice, social workers and other support teams to make sure your care continues smoothly throughout your treatment.