Cancer services

Your first appointment

Your first appointment

This page explains why you have been referred to the hospital and provides information about your first appointment with us.

Why have I been referred to hospital?

You have been referred because your symptoms need further tests. It is important that these tests happen quickly so we can diagnose you and start treatment (if needed) as soon as possible.

Does this mean I have cancer?

No, there are many common conditions that symptoms could be linked to, including the possibility of cancer. Nine out of 10 people referred to the hospital do not have cancer.

Why do I need to be seen quickly?

Although it is most likely that you do not have cancer, it is important we carry out the necessary assessments and tests as quickly as possible. This is done to reassure most of those referred, but also to quickly diagnose and start treatment on the small number that do have cancer.

It is important that you attend all the appointments we offer you to ensure there are no delays.