Bladder Care

After having a baby, it is important to try wee within four to six hours to stop urinary tract infections or your bladder becoming too full. Drinking lots of water, about two to three litres a day especially if you’re breastfeeding.

You might notice changes with how you wee after having a baby like:

  • Not feel like weeing even when you need to, which can you’re your bladder.
  • Leak a little when they sneeze, cough, or exercise.
  • Suddenly feel a strong need to wee and might leak before they make it to the bathroom.

Try to start pelvic floor exercises as soon as can, ideally the day after birth to make your pelvic muscles stronger and help your healing. These muscles help you control when you wee and poo and can prevent leaking.

They might feel weak at first but exercising them makes them stronger. Start slowly and do more as you feel better.

Remember if your private parts hurt or there is a bad smell, tell your midwife. That could mean you have an infection and need medicine.