Your Community Midwife and Health Visitor

When you leave the hospital, you will be seen at home and/or in postnatal clinics by a community midwife. This midwife might be from a different hospital than where you had your baby. Make sure to get her contact details before you leave the hospital.

The community midwife should come to see you within 2 days after you go home. If she doesn’t, it’s important to call the midwifery team. They need to do important checks for both you and your baby.

The community midwife will tell you when she’ll visit next and give you information about local services.

She will also introduce you to a Health Visitor after 10 to 28 days. You can expect to hear from your health visitor 10-14 days after birth to plan your first appointment. A health visitor is a nurse or midwife who helps your baby grow well and stay healthy up until they are 5 years old. They also help parents take care of their own feelings and mind.