Infections after having a baby are not common but if you get sick you may need medicine. You can get an infection in your perineal stitches, in a caesarean-section wound, inside your womb, in your breasts, or when you wee.

Signs of an infection:

  • You might have a fever
  • You might feel very cold or shaky
  • You might feel very tired or hurt all over like when you have the flu.

Stiches or Wound Infection – might ooze, smell bad, or hurt more than before. It might also turn red and feel warm.

Womb Infection – you might bleed more than usual, see blood clots, or the blood might smell bad. Your belly might hurt a lot or feel very warm.

Breast Infection – they might turn red, feel swollen, warm, and hurt. Feeding your baby might also feel like it’s burning.

Urine (wee) Infection – you might feel like going to the bathroom a lot or it might hurt when you wee.

If you are worried speak to your midwife or GP right away, or attend your local maternity triage/assessment unit.