Early Intervention (EI)

What do we do

The service is delivered alongside the single point of access and sits in between CAMHS Specialist Services (Tier 3) and Tier 2 community targeted mental health services. It seeks to support young people in developing resilience and preparing for adulthood. This will include support and signposting to any other relevant services. In most cases we still expect a lower-level mental health support service to have been tried first before coming to CAMHS. The service offers a medium-term intervention (of up to 10 sessions).

CAMHS Early Intervention service is key in seeking to ensure that children, young people and their carers, who do not meet the criteria for other mental health services, have access to a service that can assess their needs and deliver interventions, if required. This is dependent on the presenting difficulties and in some cases a mental health intervention may not be the primary need. Where this is the case, we will try to give advice and guidance.

Our team

The team is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals, a clinical lead, team manager and administrators.

New for 2024!

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a parenting workshop for Families who would like to learn more about self-harm (FLASH).

Please note that Referrals can be received by professionals only (e.g GP, social worker, teacher)

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Information for Young People and Families

Why have I been referred to this service and what can I expect?

You can expect to be invited to meet with us, which can happen face-to-face, via telephone or virtually.

You will be offered up to 10 sessions to work on the goals you have defined, alongside the practitioners.

To support your care plan and future goals, we might also have meetings with partners across health, education and social care.

Information for Professionals

Who can refer and how to do it?

Referrals can be made to the Single Point of Access for children or young people who present with moderate mental health/emotional health difficulties by a GP or other professional that includes:

  • Self harm / suicidal ideation but not intent.
  • Phobias – having a moderate impact on functioning, that can be managed at a community level but can escalated to Specialist CAMHS if required.
  • Anxiety related presentations that are over and above what is deemed usual for the young person and that require a mental health intervention (eg not a reaction to a social, environmental, sensory or other unmet need that hasn’t been addressed).
  • Moderate low mood that doesn’t meet the threshold for a specialist CAMHS service.
What questions need to be considered when making a referral?
  • Has a tier 2 intervention/early intervention been tried already? (e.g. Young Somerset, counselling, MHST, PFSA)
  • Is this a reaction to something that needs another support service? (e.g. bereavement, family intervention, social care)