Single Point of Access (SPA)

Who we are and what we do

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Single Point of Access (SPA) team receives all Somerset CAMHS referrals.

CAMHS SPA team triages the referrals and assesses the presenting mental health needs of the young person. Based on the information received, the team will support or signpost the young people to the most appropriate CAMHS or third-party services, according to each individual case.

Our team

CAMHS SPA has clinicians with different professional backgrounds, and they are available for telephone support or consultation Monday to  Friday, 9am to 4:30pm.


At present, we are unable to accept self-referrals from parents nor young people under 16 years.

Self-referrals can be completed by young people aged 16 and 17.

Information for Young People and Families

Why have I been referred to this service and what can I expect?
You are likely to have been referred to the CAMHS SPA team because an adult close to you is worried about how you are feeling, and they want to find you the right type of help. This might be from us in CAMHS. However, it might also not be from CAMHS but we can try to signpost or support you to get some help either way. It is possible that we will invite you for an assessment, which can be face-to-face, via phone or virtual (video) if we still have some queries about your presentation and we want to gather some more information. After that, we will be able to signpost you to the service that will provide you with the most appropriate support.

Information for Professionals

Who can complete a referral and what needs to be included?
Referrals can be completed by GPs, schools, and any other professionals involved with a young person's care.
How to submit a referral?
The service welcomes referrals by letter or e-mail (please use of the CAMHS referral form), by telephone or early help assessment (EHA) form. A referral form contains personal and sensitive information, so please make sure that the form is sent to us in a safe and secure way.
What needs to be included in a good referral?
Please make sure the young person is aware of the referral and agrees with it. You need to note this on the referral form. You can download the Eligibility Criteria for Somerset CAMHS, as well as the CAMHS referral form on the right-side of this webpage.