Intensive Treatment Team (ITT)

Who we are

The Intensive Treatment Team (ITT) is a multi-disciplinary team who work alongside other CAMHS teams including CAMHS East, CAMHS West and the CEDS team.

What do we offer?

ITT offers intensive support for young people under the care of CAMHS, with the option of multiple appointments a week for up to 12 weeks. ITT clinicians work alongside young people to develop individual goals for intervention. Goals might be focused around getting back to school, managing low mood/anxiety, reducing self-harm, managing meals or accessing social activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been referred to this service and what can I expect?
ITT will support you to achieve your goals. ITT support might include the use of DBT skills, CBT informed work, anxiety management, meal support, exposure work, and other creative activities. ITT also offers several therapy groups including an anxiety management group, an activity planning group, and a group for parent/carers to learn skills for managing self-harm.