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Behavioural Activation Group

The Behavioural Activation group consists of 7 weekly sessions each lasting for around 2 hours. The aim of the group is to offer a way of overcoming low mood and depression using behavioural activation.

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Evidence from research suggests that Behavioural Activation (BA) therapy is very effective in helping people with low mood and depression. Furthermore, being in a group brings added benefits, including the chance to give and receive support, to learn from other people’s experience, and to feel less alone in facing depression.
This is a structured group with a strong focus on the here and now. In the group we will be looking at how to change some of the behaviour patterns that might be maintaining depression and low mood.
It is an experiential group, where group members will be active participants. Facilitators will be introducing ideas each week and asking the group to think about them in relation to their own lives and then to try out new ways of doing things.
The group is not about talking about your past problems it is focusing on learning skills to improve things in the here and now. The skills learnt in the group can be continued in the future to prevent future relapse of depression.

Session overview:

WEEK 1: Introductions, depression and self-monitoring.
WEEK 2: Identifying and working with avoidance patterns.
WEEK 3: Taking action by choosing alternative behaviours and breaking down challenges.
WEEK 4: Working with rumination and “how"and “why" thinking.
WEEK 5: Using absorbing activities and working with the present.
WEEK 6: Learning self-compassion.
WEEK 7: Developing resilience and a valued life.
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