Families & carers

We recognise the important role you play in supporting your relatives or friends through common mental health problems; and the impact caring for someone with a long term condition can have on your own health and wellbeing. Being a carer can at times be stressful, isolating and worrying, it can feel that you have no one to talk to about how you are feeling.  In order to help you in your caring role we offer the opportunity for carers or family members to learn some new skills to help reduce the emotional impact your caring role can have on you.

We offer the following support:

Emotional Health Checks for Families and Carers

The emotional health check is like any normal health check in that you will be asked some simple questions about your mood, how things feel for you and your stress levels.

You will then be given some feedback, including some self help materials that are specific for you.  In some instances we may suggest other support and help if needed.