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Bracken House

Kenwyn House, Crewkerne Rd, Chard TA20 1EZ, UK, United Kingdom

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Pearl House

First Floor East, Pearl House, Church St, Bridgwater TA6 5AT, UK, United Kingdom

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Priory House

Priory Hospital, Glastonbury Rd, Wells BA5 1TJ, UK, United Kingdom

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Parkgate House

Park Gate House, 35B E Reach, Taunton TA1 3ES, UK, United Kingdom

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Families and Carers

How we can help

We recognise the important role you play in supporting your relatives or friends through common mental health problems; and the impact caring for someone with a long term condition can have on your own health and wellbeing.

Sometimes the pressure of caring for someone else can build up until it feels like you can no longer cope. This is completely understandable, but may be a sign that you need to try and look after yourself. If you are feeling desperate and in crisis, you won’t be able to keep supporting someone else.

Try and take a small break. If that’s impossible, have a moment to yourself and take some long deep breaths. Knowing that things will get easier in the future can help you feel a little calmer.

It may be that you could do with some help to cope or someone to talk to, if being a carer is impacting on your wellbeing and emotions, please do know that you can refer yourself for talking therapies.

We have put some resources that may be helpful for you further down on this page.  Helping others can be tough so do remember to focus on your own wellbeing too.

There is a video kindly made by MIND on being a carer that may be helpful for you.







Video from Mind on being a Carer

Help and Information

In this section you will find information on guides to self help that can help you or a loved one to overcome common mental health problems and links to other information and advice that could be helpful.

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Self Help Guides

Self Help Guides

Self Help Guides
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Local Support

Local Support

Local Support
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